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Today In B2B: Serko Expands Expense Tech Offering, Suplari Debuts Spend Management Tools

Today in B2B, trade finance technology provider Surecomp announces its newest marketplace partner, and Serko expands its expense management offering into North America. Plus, Suplari launches new corporate spend management solutions, and PROS expands its Adobe partnership to help B2B business customers launch eCommerce operations.

Surecomp Integrates ThetaRay To Reduce Financial Crime

Surecomp, which works in global trade finance solutions for banks, has announced financial crime solution ThetaRay as the newest partner for its Marketplace platform, according to a press release. ThetaRay will be fully integrated with Surecomp’s back-office trade finance solutions and can be accessed via open application programming interface (API) connectivity, the release stated. Banks and corporates can use it to help reduce the risk of ATM security breaches, money laundering and fraud. ThetaRay only entered the market last year and works with artificial intelligence (AI)-based analytics to find suspicious behavior and real-time anomalies, working to find risks, the release stated.

Serko Rolls Out Expense Management Tool In North America

Corporate travel and expense management solution provider Serko has launched its Zeno Expense tool in North America, giving customers a new option for B2B travel management, a press release on the company website stated, alongside the company’s Zeno Travel tool that was already available. In response to the shift to working from home, Zeno Expense offers expense leaders tools to help sort through company travel management, which has become less clear cut than when employees were working from offices in pre-pandemic times, according to the release. Users can access real-time spend management, capturing receipts and submitting expenses as soon as they come in, with managers able to review expenses line by line.

Suplari Rolls Out New Tools For Spending Insights, Predictions

Suplari, which works in spend agility, has debuted the next version of its Spend Industry Cloud, which has 175 different automated insights to help predict and manage costs, cash flow and investments, a press release says. Using advanced algorithms and industry best practices, Suplari gleans thousands of data points on suppliers, contracts, purchase orders and budgets into what the release says are “actionable opportunities” for finance professionals. “Suplari’s insight generator technology, combined with our cloud-native architecture, allows us to quickly build AI-driven insights on customer data in days — versus the months required by in-house data science teams or custom-built applications,” said Nikesh Parekh, co-founder and CEO of Suplari, according to the release.

PROS To Work On B2B eCommerce Operation Launches

PROS, which provides artificial intelligence-powered solutions, will be expanding its strategic collaboration with Adobe to include Magneto Commerce, an eCommerce platform, with the goal of helping companies launch eCommerce solutions. A press release says the partnership will help companies access the means to launch the eCommerce solutions, including the PROS Connector for Real-Time Pricing, which companies can leverage across several channels. The solutions will aim to bring omnichannel buying experiences to boost revenue and profit potential, the release says, especially as digital commerce continues to accelerate in use and innovation.

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